Welcome to the lactation Physiology lab website!

Welcome to the lactation Physiology lab website!

Jimena Laporta Assistant Professor in Mammary Gland Physiology

My background

     I am originally from Uruguay, where I received a B.S. degree in Biology and Genetics in 2008, and my M.S. degree in Animal Science in 2011, both from Universidad de la República. During my M.S. in Uruguay, I obtained a strong training in metabolism, endocrinology and molecular biology, investigating the hepatic regulation of […]


      In my current position as a mammary gland physiologist at the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida, my research focuses on multifaceted aspects of dairy cattle biology, including: Mammary gland-bone axis involvement in the regulation of calcium homoeostasis during lactation Determination of the optimum safe dose of PTHrP to induce bone mobilization […]


Skibiel AL, Fabris TF, Chapman JM, Kirk D, McLean D, Dahl GE, Laporta J. 2017. Effects of feeding an immunomodulatory supplement to heat stressed or actively cooled cows during late gestation on postnatal immunity, health and growth of their calves. Journal of Dairy Science. Accepted Fabris TF, Laporta J, Corrá F, Martinez Y, Kirk D, […]


Amy Skibiel, Ph.D. – Postdoctoral Associate Amy received her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Biological Sciences from Auburn University where she studied maternal investment in lactation in a hibernating rodent. She subsequently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University and served as a lecturer in anatomy and physiology courses at Auburn. Amy is currently a Postdoctoral […]